Departing from the Known (your destination) to the unknown (dream destination), everything counts, from color, size, shape, history, distance, meals, to heights. A Perfect satisfaction to all human senses namely; touch, smell and sound among others. Primate trekkers, mountain hikers, honeymooners, wildlife seekers and cultural enthusiast can now make their dream of exploring across the continent of Africa, East Africa in particular by choosing our pocket-friendly group safaris. Together in one course, luxury group safaris are a big deal in the present age, with travelers of different age groups, gender, nationalities, and languages forming one travel group to the different destinations, while choosing to spend nights in the best accommodation facilities in and outside the city, relaxing in the finest beaches, transportation, and other classic amenities during the safari

What a group brings in a trip is true fun; networking, friendship, and character change because different people have different and unique behaviors that make socializing very exciting and unforgettable. Some are funny comedians, playful, talkative, quiet, ever serious, loving, and brave, a combination that is necessary at every point in your adventure because when everyone is tensed, the funny person can crack a joke that leaves everyone’s ribs aching with laughter. Group safaris; though in form of luxury have proved to be the cheapest way of having a trip while maximizing comfort, adventure, and time. It offers inspirational and remarkable destinations, action-packed exploration of unspoiled nature, cultures, and events, such as the annual wildebeest migration, the endangered mountain Gorillas, our cousins the chimpanzees, the snowcapped mountain Rwenzori, and the longest river on earth, River Nile among other treasures.