The Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) is situated in the Central region of Africa, and in years back, it was called ‘Zaire’. It’s mainly covered by rainforests which is the second largest on planet earth. It’s the second-largest country in Africa after Algeria; with neighbouring countries like Angola, Burundi, Central African Republic, Rwanda, South Sudan, Tanzania, Zambia and Uganda. D.R. Congo has experienced a lot of wars due to its mineral resources and it is traced way back in 80,000 years ago according to history. These wars were spearheaded by colonialism led by the Belgians that were once governing this country. In the 1960s, peace was restored in the country and D.R. Congo started boosting its resources for tourism. This has helped the country to revive its resources, increased economic and cultural benefits.

D.R. Congo as being the second-largest country in Africa and one of the virgin countries with authentic ecotourism destinations that is worth to take a luxury safari. It boasts vast resources and this makes it a hub for travellers with the natural tropical forest, Virunga mountains, freshwater bodies and well-established accommodation facilities, all these make a luxury safari a walkover in this country. The country also boasts its unique culture and this is experienced in the whole of Africa in terms of their music called ‘Lingala’ and you can enjoy it any region of the country as well as in the capital city – Kishasha. Taste their traditional cuisine called ‘Maobe’ to make a complete luxury safari in D.R. Congo. This can be found in all hotels and restaurants in the country.