Talk of the north, east, west and south, Tanzania is a leading luxury safari destination in Africa, a tour de force of natural wonders, jaw-dropping landscape, charismatic ancient towns, luring beaches, a wide range of flora and fauna, ecological astonishments and unmatched cultures. Tanzania is the largest country in East Africa located within the great lakes region and has a large population of very exciting natives, classic accommodation, security, good transport network and cool climate. Her neighbors include Uganda to the north, Burundi, Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of Congo to the west, Kenya to the northeast, Indian ocean to the east, Malawi and Mozambique to the south, and Zambia to the southwest. Researchers, students, honeymooners, mountain hikers, primate lovers, cultural lovers, photographers, and game viewers have a luxury home to visit while having fun, adventure and relaxation.

Luxury is not all about spending lots of money but rather finding the perfect destination, variety of exciting activities, tasty cuisine, flexible schedule, most comfortable means of transport, right people to handle your trip, and quality service. Our team is always dedicated to offering the best experience to all clients no matter their nationalities. With stunning landscape and attractions spread across all corners of the country, you have the privilege to choose whether to travel in air or on ground, except for far places such as Zanzibar Island that leaves you with no option but to fly. Luxury safari vehicles, driven by expert safari guides are available to take you wherever and whenever you want to go.