Tickle your minds with fascinating calm tropical waters, tranquil island gate away, stunning beaches and the charming Hospitality of the Zanzibar natives while on your luxury Zanzibar vacation; everyone’s dream destination, with luxurious and stylish resorts in the heart of Africa. Zanzibar is a magnificent archipelago in mainland Tanzania; the largest country in Africa gifted with a wide range of Biodiversity, beautiful scenery, and unmatched wildlife range. The island is estimated at approximately 25-50kms, defined by a profusion of quiet white sand beaches, sweet scent emanating from the spice plantations, eye-catching Arab, British and African architectures, and immaculate coral reefs hosting an array of sea-life, and activities such as diving, swimming, snorkeling, and boat cruise among others.

The name Zanzibar; once regarded as Unguja, scratched the ears and sank deep into the heart of several people right from the 19th century when it was on top of her game concerning spice plantation, classic beaches and the infamous slave trade which attracted several participants globally; Some coming as onlookers, settlers and traders among others. 1876 marked the start of a new journey at the island when the slave trade was abolished by the British who came up with a new set of rules and infrastructure. The island is decorated by coconut palms, small ridges, green vegetation, dilapidated ancient Arab, British and African architectures, undulating hills, and lots of forested areas hosting a variety of unique flora and fauna species, notably the famous Zanzibar Columbus monkey, the African pigs, leopards, several unique butterfly species, mongoose and the civet cats among others. The residents of the eastern, southern, and northern sections of the island are Bantu- speaking people (hadimu and the Tumbatu), and the dialect used is mainly English, Arabic, and Kiswahili.