A remarkable luxury safari in Kenya, land gifted by nature offers a variety of experience to all her visitors out for any form of adventure; be it wildlife, religious pilgrimage, honeymoon, beach safari, family retreat, birding, or cultural encounter. The destination gives you a wonderful opportunity of escaping from the crowds and diving into a completely different world, defined by modernity, natural wonders, very hospitable people, classic beaches, active security, amazing scenery, historical architectures, and cool climate among others.

Kenya is a sub-Saharan nation, and the second-largest country in East Africa, bordered by Uganda to the west, Tanzania to the south, Ethiopia to the north, Somalia to the north east, Sudan to the northwest, and the Indian Ocean to the south east. Besides English, the natives are proud of Kiswahili as their dialect and use it for interaction. It is not a surprise that the word “Safari” which has been adopted globally is a Kiswahili word to mean Travel; thus giving you an insight into the value Kenya attaches to it.  For years, Kenya ranks as one of the best luxury safari destinations in the continent of Africa, building her fame on the wide range of flora and fauna, good security, authentic cultures, and the classic accommodation set in strategic locations with calm ambiance and breathtaking sceneries.