With the relentless passion for adventure, have you ever thought of experiencing the midnight sun (The African moon), listening to the lion roars, the bird’s whispers, and being the first to glance at the sunrays at day break? Then choose to defy the fact that an AC in the car is better than the cool night breeze, and accept the fact that only a piece of cloth in the heart of the wilderness is good enough to see you through the night. To all the courageous and adventure travelers, those who love trying new things and discovering true realities, the best way of making your dream come true is by choosing luxury camping safaris in Africa. Luxury camping safaris entail spending nights in camps instead of lodges and hotels, in all the places to be visited, especially in the national parks and other tourist destinations. Those who have had a bite of a camping experience testify to the new realities, comfort, fun, and discovery. The idea of travelers moving with their tents and setting up is an option and an ancient way of doing things when it comes to luxury safari.

Campsites and camping facilities are being improved each passing day, with new ideas being put in place, innovations such as mobile and luxurious camps readily available with modern facilities such as spas, and bars, spacious rooms, and sufficient lighting system. No matter the number of nights you wish to spend, and the group size, camping is the most reliable and cost-effective way during any safari to Africa. This idea of Luxury camping safaris best suits honeymooners who wish to witness the rising sun and make promises in the dead of the night with only the trees and moon as their witness; birders who love to listen to the different sounds produced by different birds at night; photographers with the passion of showing the world what a camera can make darkness look like; game lovers who want to listen to the lion roars and footsteps of the giant elephants, and several other events at night.